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Pest Control Barrie has the technicians with specialized equipment and the experience necessary to make sure that the wasp nest on your property can be safely and promptly removed. We have been in the wasp nest removal field for well over a decade and can ensure you that we take all the precautionary measures to remove the nest without any hassle. Wasp nest removal is an extremely risky undertaking that only should be done by professionals with proper protective clothing. You can rest assured that all of our technicians are trained, certified, and licensed professionals. Depending on the species, wasps can be very aggressive and can pose a danger to anyone who comes close to the nest. At Pest Control Barrie our technicians value safety more than everything, and therefore we urge you to contact us if you notice unusual wasp activity on your property. Contact us and let us know how we can help you!

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Wasp Information

Wasps are generally active in the warmer months where they often look to settle down close to a food source. Usually, when they enter a new territory, they aim to completely invade the area. They will hunt everything down large and small to establish their nest. Depending on the species they will prefer elevated heights or closer to the ground. Most wasp nests can be easily recognized by their shape which is typically the shape of a down-pointing arrow, but this is just one shape of many. Apart from that the materials that wasp nests can differ widely depending on what species constructs the wasp. It is even possible to walk past a wasp nest without knowing it is a wasp nest in the case of wasps such as the mud dauber and carpenter bee which you can learn more about below.

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Wasp Risks

Wasps are typically known as an invasive species which can harm you and the ones around you including your pets. Getting close to the wasp nest is especially dangerous for smaller children who might want to see the nest from up close. Wasps tend to sting their target multiple times and make no distinction between who and what gets in their way. When you get stung by a wasp seek immediate medical assistance right away as the after-effects of wasp stings can be very unpredictable and where symptoms might not even become apparent after a few days. Technicians have the necessary experience needed to bring any wasp infestation to a safe end. They wear personal protective equipment to avoid being stung. In addition, our technicians have the most effective professional tools and formulations at their disposal to make the wasp removal process run as smoothly as possible. This is why wasp removal should never be attempted by somebody inexperienced and a license-holder as well as this can lead to bodily harm as well as put others in imminent danger with ease.



Bald-Faced Hornets

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The bald-faced hornets can be generally recognized by their black body and their white face. Bald-faced hornets are usually larger than yellow jackets where workers can range from 15 to 20mm. Their activity usually takes place during the day and their paper nest usually hangs off three branches, overhands, and soffits. The colony usually starts in spring when a queen places an egg in each cell as she begins to build her nest. The size of a bald-faced nest can reach the size of a soccer ball in just a span of a few months and can house thousands of workers. During winter, males and workers usually die off while the fertilized females survive the winter and go into hibernation.

The Yellow Jacket

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The yellow jacket wasps can measure 10 to 16mm in length. The yellow jacket wasp can be differentiated by features such as a slimmer body and fewer hairs. Their long wings can fold laterally when they are at rest. The queen usually starts a nest by building a paper nest and placing her first egg in there and feeds them herself. After the eggs have pupated, they will grow into mature yellow jackets. The eggs can survive the harsh winters while the male workers will die off.

Paper Wasps

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There are many kinds of paper wasps. Generally, paper wasps are very thin and have yellow discoloration with an all-black body. Their nests are constructed by a combination of organic materials and saliva that has the resemblance of paper. Hence the name paper wasp.

Mud Daubers

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Mud Daubers are fascinating wasps. Instead of making their nests out of a material that resembles a paper-like material like the paper wasp, mud daubers build their nests out of the mud. Mud daubers are solitary wasps that become active in the springtime. They construct these nests that resemble cones. They deposit their eggs in each nest where then they put spiders that they hunted themselves. Once the spider is put into the nest the mud dauber seals the nest for the larvae to feed on it when it hatches. Once it is strong enough the young mud dauber pierces through the nest and ventures into the world.

Carpenter Bees

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These bees resemble bumblebees. What makes them unique is that they make their nest from digging tubular holes in untreated wood and not covered in bark. Their partner feeds on pollen and nectar and returns to their gallery to overwinter for it to emerge next spring. Male carpenter bees are only able to sting whereas females are the ones who can sting.

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At Pest Control Barrie we always take the lead in making sure that you are taken care of. We make sure that the pest problem is completely eradicated before we move on to the proofing of the premises to keep the insects out to avoid a second invasion. We pride ourselves on being able to help the community that we call home and that we can help the people who make the communities that we serve to flourish. The pest control technicians are bounded by the promise that we send pests packing and will go above and beyond to keep our promise. Pest Control Barrie is run by passionate individuals that want to make a change no matter how small or how big. We want to let our neighbors know that we are ready to take on any infestation regardless of the severity of pests. We believe that people should feel at home and completely at ease and the same goes for the office spaces, restaurants, and any space where people come together in the company of others. As a local company that serves communities far and wide, we truly believe in leaving the world a better and greener place and that is why we work according to the Integrated Pest Management principles that take an environmentally responsible approach in how we use and deploy our resources. We see safety as one of our most important priorities and that is why we work using strict regulations to assure that our clients, as well as our technicians, are safe before we proceed to undertake anything related to the eradication.