How to Get Rid of Pet Rats From Your Back Yard

Rats are a formidable pest. A small rat problem can turn into a big infestation if left unchecked. 

Now is the time to take back control of your outdoor area. Here’s how to get rid of rats that are bothering you in your garden.

1. Find the Nesting Sites: Before you try to get rid of the bugs, you need to find out where they are nesting. Look for burrows, especially near fences, in yard sheds, or under piles of trash. Rats are smart and will build nests in places that are hard to see.

2. Get rid of food sources. Rats are naturally drawn to food, and your garden could end up being an open buffet for them. Outdoor cat food, bird food, and any other possible food sources should be kept safely in containers that can’t be opened. Pick up any fruits or veggies that fall off of trees and bushes on a regular basis to get rid of their food source.

3. Seal Off Entry Points: Rats have an amazing knack for finding ways to get into your backyard. Do a full check of your land and fill in any gaps or holes in fences, walls, or the area around your home’s foundation. Steel wool is a good material to use because rats find it hard to chew through.

4. Natural Deterrents: To keep rats away, you might want to try using natural deterrents. For example, peppermint oil is known to naturally keep rats away. Put peppermint oil on cotton balls and place them around the yard in a planned way. Putting ammonia-soaked rags near places where rats are active can also help get rid of them.

5. Set traps: For a more direct method, place traps in areas where rats are likely to be. There are different kinds of traps, like live traps and snap traps. Pick the one that fits your needs and the rules in your area. Check and reset the traps often.

6. Ultrasonic Devices: These make noises that rats don’t like but that people can’t hear clearly. By carefully placing these things in your backyard, you can make it a place that rats don’t want to be. Remember that these kinds of gadgets don’t always work well.

7. Professional Pest Control: If the rat problem seems too big or won’t go away, it might be best to hire a professional pest control service. Professionals in pest control can figure out how bad the problem is and come up with specific ways to get rid of it.

8. Regular Maintenance: The best way to keep rats away is to avoid them in the first place. Check your backyard often for signs of rat behaviour and take care of any problems right away. If you keep your outdoor space clean and well-sealed, you can greatly lower the chance of having rat problems again.

To get rid of rats as a problem in your garden, you need to take a number of proactive steps. You can make the area less inviting to these unwanted guests by getting rid of things that attract them, blocking off entry points, and using a variety of things that scare them away. The goal is to get back your outdoor area and make sure you and your family don’t have to live with rats, whether you do it yourself or hire someone to help.