What Does Squirrel Poop Look Like?

People that have come in contact with unknown feces often have difficulty identifying the source of the animal. In this case, it is the squirrel. Even though the squirrel is widespread in Southern Ontario, many people are unfamiliar with successfully identifying its feces.

Rat Vs. Squirrel Poop

At first glance, squirrel feces are akin to that of rat feces. They have a dark-brown discoloration, a smooth surface, and a barrel-shaped appearance. Even though rat feces and squirrel feces can look alike, there is one distinguishing factor that separates these two rodent feces; their size and edges.

Where Squirrel Poop Can Be Found

Common places where squirrel feces can be found reflect their habitat and their dietary preferences. As such, squirrel feces can be found at elevated places such as roofs and eavestroughs, around bird houses and bird feeders, inside a hollow tree opening, and around trees in general. 

How to Dispose of Squirrel Poop

If you find yourself face-to-face with squirrel feces and want to dispose of it yourself the following will be needed for a secure and smooth removal process.

  1. To start the squirrel disposal process, locate the areas where you see squirrel feces by conducting an inspection of the property. Keep in mind that this will expedite the process since places have been identified. If required, take photographs as to not lose sight of the places where you have seen squirrel feces.
  2. To start cleaning make sure you have the following tools and items with you: gloves, and a large garbage bag. facemask, hand shuffle, bleach and water.
  3.  Scoop the feces and deposit them inside the trash bag. To clean the surface use a 10:1 water-to-bleach ratio and spray it on the surface of where these feces were found. Move on to the next location and repeat the process.
  4. Now that you have cleaned up the feces,  dispose of the gloves, mask, and feces.

Difficult DIY Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are notoriously difficult to get rid of yourself, and that is why it is strongly advised to hire a wildlife control specialist in your area. The professionals from Pest Control Barrie. The squirrel removal technicians from Pest Control Barrie are exclusively involved in the humane and safe handling of squirrels and do not trap nor cage the squirrels. Instead, our company uses a guaranteed way that lets the squirrels leave without any injury whatsoever.

Squirrel Removal Process at Pest Control Barrie

Our Squirrel Removal Process is mainly divided into 3 steps 

  1. Identification and location of squirrel entry point through detailed exterior inspection.
  2. Installation of squirrel One-Way-Door that permits the squirrel to leave within days.
  3. Removal of the One-Way Door and patch-up of the entry point with squirrel-proof material so that incident cannot reoccur.

If you are in need of the same service, do not hesitate to call our customer service representatives at Pest Control Barrie