where do brown rats live

Where do brown rats live?

Brown Rats are on every continent and are thought to come from Europe. The brown rat is also known as the street rat or the Norway Rat and is known as the burrowing rat. These rats will dig burrows with their sharp claws. They prefer to live in the same space that humans live in and for that reason, they are often found on the properties such as lawns and gardens. Their burrows can be recognized as two holes extruding from the ground.

Where Brown Rats Live

Basements have hollow parts in the wall which they can chew through which can you give them access to the inside. Another reason why rats are in your house is because of the amount of clutter. Rats are known to hide behind everything they can find as they are very resourceful rodents. One of the most common reasons why rats enter your house is because scraps are left out in the open, which is more than good enough reason to go inside the house.

The rat that is mostly likely to be seen in your garden is the Norway Rat. It is characterized by its brown fur. It is the same type of rat you will see on the streets that’s why it is also called the common rat.

If you have a vegetable garden or a nice flowerbed, chances are that it will get destroyed and contaminated. Rats can greatly devastate your garden’s appearance rapidly with feces and urine spread all over. Rats will nibble and chew on everything they can find, and that excludes anything edible as well. The issue is that it is often not about one rat, but multiple rats.

Hierarchy with Rats

Often, rats stay with multiple families in one burrow and function through a hierarchical structure. The more dominant the rat is, the closer it is to the food chamber, the less dominant the rat is, the farther away it is from the food chamber. Rats are nocturnal by nature but can be active during the day as well. Typically, the dominant rats of the burrow go outside late a night at prime time, whereas the weaker rats will have to go outside during the day when the timing is less ideal.

Rat Diet

The rat’s diet is quite varied, and this is what adds to the damage. Rats are ironically known for their quite healthy diet of various cereals, grains, nuts, and fruits, and even feed on small insects. In urban areas, they will virtually feed on everything they can find.

The risk of having rats in the garden is that they can easily enter the residential properties when winter arrives. Norway rats are quite commonly found in garages and in crawl spaces. This is because the Norway Rat takes advantage of the weak spots found around the building to get inside.

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