what causes flying ants in your house

What causes flying ants in your house?

To first understand what causes winged ants in your house, it might be rather beneficial to find out why these ants have wings at all. The reason why these ants have wings is because of their task in the ant colony. The purpose of these ants with wings is to reproduce and secure the colony’s continuation.

These ants are also known as alates, reproductive, or swarmers. These ants are so problematic because they can indicate the start of a new colony. As soon as they reproduce, they will drop their wings and if not, in all cases will perish eventually.

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So how do you stop these winged ants from entering your property?

The way to stop winged ants from entering your property is by making sure all the vulnerable entry points are addressed and this includes multiple locations including window sills, cracks, crevices, and small gaps that need to be caulked or reinforced with materials that protect these ants.

Where do find ants in your house?

In most cases, you will find these ants where there is food. Once food is found you can be sure to find carpenter ants in places nearby. Such places we can think of are the kitchen, cabinets, pantries, and even the garage if you have the amenities to store food for example in a second fridge.

Ants are known as opportunistic creatures and therefore will find every chance to come closer to food whenever they have the chance. Ants will without any doubt also carry the found food back to their nest and will therefore sustain the colony.

What are some steps you can take to get rid of ants?


To get rid of ants is to do the following which you can read below. To get rid of ants in a guaranteed manner is to hire licensed and insured professionals that have all the necessary tools and pesticides to make sure the ant presence is wiped out.

  • Have all leaks fixed, including around pipes, drainage systems, and on your roof?
  • If there are areas in your home where there are high moisture levels, take action to reduce moisture, such as installing dehumidifiers.
  • Where possible, move wood stores or wooden structures that are in contact with the soil outside your home. If you have a firewood store, keep it elevated up off the ground.
  • Cut back tree branches and undergrowth that overhangs or touches your house. That will remove potential bridges that could be used by carpenter ants to gain entry to your home.
  • Make sure that any cracks in your home’s foundation are sealed.

A good pest exterminator will carry out a home assessment for you and will recommend a carpenter ant exclusion strategy. Pest control professionals will have access to formulas that are effective as opposed to over-the-counter products. The main issue is that professionals have a special license due

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