mice and rat control in barrie how we get it done

Mice and Rat Control in Barrie: How We Get it Done

Mice and rats are two different rodents that are extremely troublesome in nature. Even though rats and mice look very similar to one another, they are in fact different species that diverged millennia ago. Both rats and mice make the same mess however rats are far more violent in their disposition than the smaller and timid mice.

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Many people are unaware of what to do in case they have rodents in the house and have apprehensions about hiring professional technicians to their house in fear of possible gossip.

At Pest Control Barrie we are well aware of these situations and for this very reason keep our services very discreet to the point that our company vehicles cannot be distinguished from other vehicles since it is an unmarked vans that the technician comes in.

This is how the professionals undertake a mouse or rat control treatment explained in clear and simple language.


 Inspection is one of the determining steps of the mouse and rat removal process and includes the price. Inspection allows technicians to understand the infestation in depth. The technicians will conduct an interior inspection to identify high levels of mouse activity and hotspots. Most of the mouse calls we get are from customers that see live mice in garages, kitchens, and basements.

 On the outside of the property,  technicians will thoroughly search the perimeter to identify entry points to understand mouse movement from the exterior. Mice will use a variety of entry points they can exploit such as weep holes, uncovered pipes, utility gaps, and exterior vents to get inside the property. The inspections will give the technicians a better grasp of the mouse infestations to propose solutions to the homeowner. Once the inspection is completed, the homeowner will be informed of a list with work to do and recommendations.


The first part of the rat and mouse control process is quite similar in that the technician needs to find the cause of the infestation and determine the hotspots and areas of high activity. The technician, therefore, goes around the perimeter of the exterior and throughout the exterior of the property. For mice and rats, these hotspots are different for both mice and rats.

It comes down to their very nature. For mice, the most common spots are the kitchen and the basement. For rats, the most common hotspots are the basement, crawlspace, and garage. The technician will make note of all the areas that were noted during the inspection, make recommendations, and convey that information to the property owner.


The extermination part for mice and rats will differ and this is where it will be obvious. For rats, the extermination process is different for the exterior and the interior. For the exterior, rodenticides in bait form will be placed in tamper-proof bait stations around the exterior of the property. These bait stations are locked and secured to prevent children and pets from opening these stations and accessing them. These baits are multi-feed so that, if a non-target animal eats from it, it will not kill the animal. These bait stations will also be placed in areas where they can not be easily discoverable.

For mice, these tamper-proof bait stations will also be placed in the interior of the property. For rats though, this will be different. For rats, the technician strategically will place the snap traps around places of peak activity. These snap traps give a lethal blow to those rats who get caught in these traps and will break the neck immediately.


For both mice and rats, people should focus on reducing food and water sources daily which comes down to wiping down the counter and cleaning floors regularly developing a steady habit of creating a cleaning regime. If you have pets by any chance, make sure to clean out your front and back yard of any pet food. Rats and mice might be attracted to it which can lead them further to the interior and look for more food. Water sources should also be eliminated such as leaky pipes. This may act as a water source for rodents.

While their approaches might be similar, the way we eliminate them have specific ways to them given the nature of these rodents. If you suspect ratss or mice on your property, contact the licensed and insured professionals from Pest Control Barrie.